Sunday, July 18, 2021

The Cuban Government, the Cuban People, and Amateur Radio

NOTE: The following is reposted from my personal Facebook page (my first post in perhaps a decade), with the first portion being posted to both my personal Facebook page and my personal Twitter profile. The sections are demarcated by the line containing three hyphens ("---"), as Twitter has obvious limitations on message length.


I'm absolutely inspired by the strength and courage of the Cuban people, unfazed and unsurprised by the Cuban government's typical #Communist response of not only shutting off the internet; but blocking/jamming the 40m #hamradio band?!

#FreeCuba #SOSCuba

Additional Info: Up here in the Chicagoland area, grid square EN52xi, I have been consistently been receiving strong interference between the frequencies of roughly 7.100MHz to 7.225 MHz for nearly a week, as received with a random-wire antenna on my SDRPlay RSP1A and my Yaesu FT-991a with a few different antennas. If anyone wants to reach out to me, I am KD9QZO and you can typically find me on 20m digital modes, as well as online at the typical places. If you want to help with the efforts to get information to and from the wonderful people of Cuba, I would recommend reaching out to Alex, W7HU, and asking what you can do to help. If you have no idea what #hamradio is, and still want to help the Cuban people, please reach out to your US congressman and/or senator, the white house, or just share this message. Information is the most powerful tool we have as a society, and we are blessed with the freedom to share it. The Cuban people have been suffering under the utter failure of #Communism for over 6 decades, and when their message doesn't align with the politics of the day, it's not just censored by big tech oligopolies, they're faced with torture, disappearance, harassment of friends and family, or even death. They know what actual oppression is, because #Communism is an abject failure (and will always be) and they have a hostile government, working in tandem with the #ChineseCommunistParty to actively deny them the ability to simply communicate with their friends and family in a life and death situation.

Remember kids, #CommunismKills

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