Monday, August 23, 2021

OpenGD77: Required Build Files

 The OpenGD77 project went through some turmoil earlier this year (specifically, mid-to-late April 2021) due to some complex legal issues in regards to distribution of pre-compiled binaries.

Once the original project's repository was "cleaned", a new fork appeared on GitHub, and seemed to contain the necessary files to build the firmware.

So, I went ahead and imported the firmware/ folder into NXP's MCUXpresso IDE. and tried to build the software...and it failed.

The Failure

The failure was caused by the linker script missing two critical files which contain the DMR codec functionality from the original (stock) firmware:
  • codec_bin_section_1.bin
  • codec_bin_section_2.bin
These files were very difficult to procure; once I had them in the appropriate directory at the time of compilation, MCUXpresso spit out a shiny new OpenGD77 firmware file, with the .sgl extension -- ready to be flashed!

The Files

Below, you may find the files separately or packed together in either a 7-Zip or a plain-old Zip archive:
I've also gone ahead and created my own forks of both the OpenGD77 firmware, as well as the OpenGD77CPS code plug software; they can be accessed via the following links:
Please submit issue reports! Also, pull requests are always welcome!

OpenGD77: Required Build Files

 The OpenGD77  project went through some turmoil earlier this year (specifically, mid-to-late April 2021)  due to some complex legal issues ...